A story about Antarctica

Running Time: 75 min

Format: Digital

Year: 2023

Country of production: Chile

Filmed in Antarctica

Eight scientific teams brave Antarctica's harsh climate to uncover critical data to fight global warming, as glaciers retreat and wildlife adapts to the changing environment.

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Film Credits: Directed by Picho Executive Production by Regnum Supported by INACH (Chilean Antarctic Institute)

Photography and sound by Picho Original Soundtrack by Guillermo Morán Cartoons and illustrations by Andrés Calderón Illustrations by Francisca Zavala Illustrations by Jaime Bran GC Design by Valeria Figueroa Additional Soundtrack by Nico Carreño Filmed during the LVI Antarctic Scientific Expedition by INACH

Researchers: Lisette Zenteno, Fernanda Vargas, Mauricio Landaeta, Manuel Castillo, Javier Vera-Duarte, Angélica Casanova, Catalina Marín, Diego Segura, Cristóbal Araneda, Maaike Weerdesteijn, Sahar Dehnavi, Alejandra Reyes, Jeremy Donaire, Jeffrey Vargas, Christian Romero, Alonso Ferrer

Chilean Antarctic Institute Logistics Team: Elías Barticevic, Dayana Cañón, Ricardo Fernández, Patricio Saavedra, Daniel Ramírez y Juan Bravo.


Regnum (Film Company)